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Asist have been providing advocacy in our local communities for 25 years. Advocacy is about speaking up for our rights, choices and inclusion.

Inequalities along with things like illness or difficult life events can make it harder for us to speak up. As advocates we hear about the inequalities in our communities. We also see people speaking up for themselves, speaking up in groups and speaking up for each other in their communities.


Some of our Community Advocates are volunteers who give their time, skills and experience to support advocacy in our community to grow and thrive. Speaking up together gives communities a stronger voice.

Equal Voices in Our Communities

Being part of a Community (based on

 • Communities of Interest                      

     People who share interests or passions.

 • Communities for Action                       

     People trying to bring about change.

• Communities by Place                            

    People brought together by location.

• Communities of Practice                       

    People in the same profession or    

    who undertake the same activities.

• Communities of Circumstances           

    People brought together by situations or events.   

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Reach facilitate group advocacy meetings for people with learning disabilities living in Stoke-on-Trent.

To find out more about Reach please send us an email by clicking on the email image.

Click on the computer image to visit the Reach website.

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Group advocacy

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