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Independent Visitors

From CGL website........

Independent Visitors are adults who offer support to children and young people who are living with a foster family or in residential care. They are there to be 'on your side' and do not get paid for their time. They are separate from social services and independent from everyone else in your life. We make sure you have an Independent Visitor who is right for you. We look at what you enjoy doing and match you with someone who you will get on with.

How do I get an independent visitor?

Are you aged 8 - 17? Do you live with a foster family, in a residential home or by yourself?

With your permission, your social worker or carer can refer you to us. 

What we offer.....

• An Independent Visitor to visit and take you out once per month
• Support with your relationships, emotions, education, employment, physical health and independence skills
• Lots of fun!
• Confidentiality -we will only discuss you or anything you say if we are worried about the safety of you or someone else.

Info for professionals....

Independent Visitors are volunteers who offer confidential support to a young person they have been specifically matched with. They are separate from social services, all other agencies and are there just for the young person.

Access to Independent visiting sessions is a statutory entitlement for children and young people who are living with a foster family or in residential care.

How it works:

  • One-to-one sessions, once per month in the community.

  • Session times and activities are chosen by the young person in conjunction with their IV, who will make arrangements directly with the carers.

  • IV's are supervised by project staff and are given a budget for appropriate activities.

  • The service provided is confidential -unless there is a concern about the young person or someone else

  • IV visits can continue for as long as the young person consents, up until aged 18.

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